It was a great honor
to serve the Republic of Austria and the people of our beautiful country for 10 years, first as Secretary of State, then as Minister of Foreign Affairs and finally as Federal Chancellor.

Unterschrift Sebastian Kurz

The path so far.


The start in politics

Sebastian Kurz started his political engagement in 2004. His motivation was to contribute to changing the country for the better.
Due to his values, his political home became the Austrian People's Party - and here the party's youth organization. Sebastian Kurz took on various functions in the Young Austrian People' s Party (Junge ÖVP). In 2008, he was the chairman of the Young Austrian People's Party Vienna, and in 2009 he became the federal chairman of the Young Austrian People's Party, which is the largest youth organization in the country with approximately 100,000 members.
2011 - 2013
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2019 - 2021
After politics
Speeches from recent years.